Utsang Chitue candidates - 2021

You will find here a selected list of Utsang Chitue candidates (Tibetan parliamentarian from Utsang province), standing for the upcoming election of 17th Tibetan Parliament in Exile in 2021. The list is prepared with a rigorous assessment of each candidate for their loyalty, courage, and ability to serve best for Tibet.

Choosing the right candidates from the Utsang province is the only way to bring unity to Tibetan society and to bring back aspiration to the Central Tibetan Administration. We need more of stronger characters to thwart away disruptive behavior exhibiting from some mad Chitues.

You as an Utsangpa, have a very big role to play in shaping Tibet's future by electing the right Utsang Chitue. So please choose your candidates wisely.

To Vote: Go to the final Chitue list here

Below is the voting result from the preliminary election.

💡 Over 250 Utsang people have taken part in this mock online election held on www.utsang.net, which remained open till 02nd Jan. 2021, 02:00 am India time. The result is as displayed below. This did serve as an important guide during the real preliminary election on 03rd Jan. 2021.

Utsang chithue candidates list (Preliminary round)

This is the result of the preliminary round. You can go here to the final round of online election here

Utsang Chitue candidate Dawa Tsering

Name: Dawa Tsering
Place: Dharamshala
Origin: Toe Rachu
Occupation: Current Chitue member

Utsang Chitue candidate Dolma Tsering

Name: Dolma Tsering
Place: Dharamshala
Origin: Dakneh
Occupation: Current Chitue member

Utsang Chitue candidate Dawa Phukyi

Name: Dawa Phunkyi
Place: Dharamshala
Origin: Ghamba
Occupation: Current Chitue member

Listen to Dawa Phunkyi

Utsang Chitue candidate Jampa Choephel

Name: Jampa Choephel
Place: Dharamshala
Origin: Lhoka
Occupation: Utsang President

Name: Migyur Dorjee
Place: Bylakuppe
Origin: Ngari
Occupation: Current Chitue member

Utsang Chitue candidate Chenga Tsering

Name: Chenga Tsering
Place: Delhi
Origin: Pemakoe
Occupation: Utsang committee member

Utsang Chitue candidate Soktoe Ngodup Dorjee

Name: Soktoe Ngodup Dorjee
Place: Dharamshala
Origin: Ngari
Occupation: Ex. Rep. of H.H

Listen to Ngodup Dorjee

Utsang Chitue candidate Jigme

Name: Jigme
Place: Delhi
Origin: Lhasa Shoel
Occupation: Reseacher

Listen to Jigme here

Utsang Chitue candidate Dawa Tsering B

Name: Dawa Tsering
Place: Dharamshala
Origin: Tsang Lhatse
Occupation: Utsang committee member

Listen to Dawa Tsering

Utsang Chitue candidate Rinzin Lhundup

Name: Jangpa Rigzin Lhundup
Place: Dharamshala
Origin: Ngamring
Occupation: Umeylam committee member

Listen to Rigzin Lhundup

Utsang Chitue candidate Acharya Lobsang Gyaltsen

Name: Acharya Lobsang Gyaltsen
Place: Gopalpur
Origin: Lhokha
Occupation: High School Teacher

Listen to Acharya Lobsang

Utsang Chitue candidate Sither Lobsang Gyatso

Name: Lobsang Gyatso Sither
Place: Dharmashala
Origin: Kyidong
Occupation: Digital Security Program Director

Utsang Chitue candidate Penba Tsering

Name: Penpa Tsering
Place: Mussoorie
Origin: Toelung
Occupation: Mussoorie Home management

Listen to Penpa Tsering

Utsang Chitue candidate Janyeal Tsering Lhakyap

Name: Janyeal Tsering Lhakyap
Place: Bylakuppe
Origin: Tsang-Nyingru
Occupation: Tibetan Youth President Bylakuppe

Listen to Tsering Lhakyap

Utsang Chitue candidate Tsering Thakchoe

Name: Tsering Thakchoe
Place: Dharamshala
Origin: Phaduk
Occupation: Utsang committee member

Listen to Tsering Thakchoe

Utsang Chitue candidate Sonam Tsering

Name: Sonam Tsering
Place: TCV
Origin: Bhongpa
Occupation: TCV Teacher

Utsang Chitue candidate Sonam Topgyal

Name: Nangong Sonam Topgyal
Place: Gopalpur
Origin: Dekyiling
Occupation: Gopalpur Teacher

Listen to Sonam Topgyal

Utsang Chitue candidate Lobsang Samdup

Name: Lobsang Samdup
Place: Sera
Origin: Tibet Jangthang

Listen to Lobsang Samdup

Utsang Chitue candidate Ngawang Lodoe (Dr. Tara)

Name: Ngawang Lodoe (Dr. Tara)
Place: Bylakuppe
Origin: Gyaltse
Occupation: Tibetan Doctor

Utsang Chitue candidate Tsering Siten

Name: Tsering Siten
Place: Nepal
Origin: Lektse
Occupation: Umeylam committee member

Utsang Chitue candidate Tsering Yangchen

Name: Tsering Yangchen
Place: Bylakuppe
Origin: Zonkar
Occupation: Ex. officer in dept. external

Listen to Tsering Yangchen

Utsang Chitue candidate Tenzin Chozin

Name: Tenzin Choezin
Place: Dharamshala
Origin: Meldo Gunkar
Occupation: Ex. officer

Utsang Chitue candidate Kunchok Tsering

Name: Kunchok Tsering
Place: Shimla
Origin: Ngamring
Occupation: Ex. marchant official

Utsang Chitue candidate Tenzin Gyurmey

Name: Tenzin Gyurmey
Place: Mungod
Origin: Ngari
Occupation: Ex. Local Worker

Utsang Chitue candidate Tenzin Miyang

Name: Tenzin Migyang
Place: Dehradun
Origin: Kongpo
Occupation: Lawyer

Important things to keep in mind during Tibetan Sikyong and Chitue election in the year 2021

As already announced by Election Commission, election dates for 2021 Sikyong and 17th Parliamentary elections are scheduled as, 3rd Jan. 2021 for the preliminary Election and 11th, April 2021 for the final election.

As per the provisions of Article 34 (2) under the Election Commission regulations, your vote may be invalidated for any of following reasons:

  1. Writing your name or any indication of your vote on the ballot.
  2. Erasing of names and mistakes will nullify your vote.
  3. Taking a photo of your vote and publishing it on the internet.
  4. No name is written or no symbol is selected.
  5. Putting more names on the ballot than allowed.
  6. Not a clear or vague name.
  7. In the preliminary round, if the named person is not identifiable.
  8. In the final election, putting fantasy name instead of declared candidates.
  9. Counterfeit or suspicious ballot.