The final Utsang Chitue candidates

After having voted in the preliminary Chithue election held on 3rd Jan. 2021, the Election Commission has released the final 24 Utsang Chithue candidates listed below. Form the list you have to vote for 10 candidates with a minimum of 2 female candidates.

Voting for the right candidates from the Utsang province is the only way to bring unity among Tibetan and to bring back aspiration to the Central Tibetan Administration. We need stronger Chitues to thwart away disruptive behavior exhibiting from some irresponsible Chitues.

You as an Utsangpa, have a very big role to play in shaping Tibet's future by electing the right Utsang Chitue. So please choose your candidates wisely.

Utsang chithue candidates list (vote now)

Click the like button shown next to each candidate. You can select up to 10 candidates from the list.

Utsang Chitue candidate Pema Juney

Name: Pema Juney
Place: Dharamshala
Origin: Ngari
Occupation: Current Chitue member

Name: Lhagyari Namgyal Dolker
Place: Dharamshala
Origin: Lhokha
Occupation: Current Chitue member

Name: Dhundup Tsering
Place: Ladakh
Origin: Ngari
Occupation:Current Chitue member

Name: Migyur Dorjee
Place: Bylakuppe
Origin: Ngari
Occupation: Current Chitue member

Name: Tenzin Dolma
Place: Bylakuppe
Origin: Gyaltse
Occupation: Umeylam committee member

Name: Samten Choedon
Place: Bylakuppe
Origin: Ngari
Occupation: Current Chitue member

Utsang Chitue candidate Tenzin Chozin

Name: Tenzin Choezin
Place: Dharamshala
Origin: Meldo Gunkar
Occupation: Ex. officer

Name: Tenzin Kelsang
Place: Tholing
Origin: Dharamsala
Occupation: Girls group

Utsang Chitue candidate Tenzin Gyurmey

Name: Tenzin Gyurmey
Place: Mungod
Origin: Ngari
Occupation: Former Secy. at Mundgod Nyamdrel

This service is only for Utsangpas. Non-Utsangpa's vote will be discounted.

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