Why not, no Lhagyari

Dearest Lhokawa, Tsangpa, Mundgod Camp9/Camp7, Dimapur Utsangpa and Bhutan Tibetan.

We know it is hard to take a decision, when it is time not to choose your own people for the candidate. One such time is in front of us now. The time has come for Utsangpa to say goodbye to Lhagyri Namgyal Dolker (LND). Also remember that we are electing our Utsang Chitues, not Lhoka Chitue, not Tsangpa Chitue nor Mundgod Camp 9 chitue or Dimapur Chitue. If we elect our Utsang chitue wisely, then it benefits not just Utsang but Tibet as a whole will prosper.

LND has been given enough chances in her last tenure to prove her worth to the Utsang people. Sadly she has disproven the trust you have placed in her. She betrayed us - Utangpa! She has on the contrary given a compliance to those who, always created trouble in our (used to be) peaceful society and to those who undermine our beloved and reverend leader HH the Dalai Lama. Furthermore, she has not just inflicted a deep blow to Utsanpas trust, but she also rubbed salt into our wounded sentiments time and again. So how can we as an Utsangpa re-elect her!

It is no secret that we know some people from Lhoka group, Mundgod camp 9 and Dimapur are doing a door-to-door campaign for her. We think it is wrong to support her after knowing all the facts that she has no feeling and respect towards the very people who elected her last time. But this time the new Utsangpa will not trust her anymore and never give her vote on the final election day. So please stop supporting her. We are not electing some regional chitues, as mentioned before. Her supporters may think and argue that this time she'll do better. But please don't fall for such false promises. We know that we can't trust politicians and not this lady specially, we have already seen her true color. We hope now it is clear why we say goodbye LND.

Think of it in this analogy: Will you make a necklace from an adulterated gold for your beloved child for marriage? No way, right! You'll definitely get 24-carat pure gold for your beloved. Likewise, our Utsang Chitue has to possess the best quality to sever the interest of Utsangpa and Tibet. This lady LND is adulterated, her partner is not Utsang, and she hangs with these very people who are keen to defame HH and Dewa-shung. Sometimes we get the feeling that she hates Utsangpa in fact.

So dear brave heart, say goodbye to LND this time. Give her time to contemplate why she let us down. Please don't vote LND for Utsang Chitue this time.

Public opinion

  1. Ungrateful for the Utsang voters. She has wasted utsang mimang's votes, by turning against utsang people;
  2. Never stood against the PT termination. Instead, sided with the LS and Kashag;
  3. No use of voting PT and winning him this time, if she too gets through for the MP seat. Because, she will oppose each and every political move by PT led Kashag; (Waste of vote for PT);
  4. Befriending and siding with anti-His Holiness person like Lukar, Tenpa Yarphel, Gowo Phende, etc;
  5. her recent campaign tour to southern settlements has spread coronavirus and risked public health. That shows she is an irresponsible candidate who doesn't care about public health because of power greedy.  
  6. We should not get impressed by her appearance on Indian TV panel discussion  like Aaj Tak; India TV etc. Those are just deceptive gimmicks and nothing great about them.

Author name withheld

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