Wake-up call Utsangpa

Why are you so shy and insecure! Come out, show the world what you can. Don’t get intimidated by others, stick to your own tribe.

We have so many reasons to be proud of being Utsangpa. Tibet as you know of now, by which you identify yourself, is the outcome of contributions made by our ancestors, solely from Utsang region. Be it from religion to the culture, and to the language, it is born from Utsang. Thus, you have every reason to feel proud to be a part of this once brave tribe.

For our sincerity, we were deceived. For our humbleness, we were humiliated and for our generosity, we were taken advantage of. As a result of such things going unchecked for a long time, some of us are even so uncertain to admit that we are Utsangpa. Now, we’ll turn the table, so be proud fellow Utsang. We are here to revive the pride in you and give you reasons to defend our Tibet both from insiders and outsiders.

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